HP Quality Center 10.00 Readme

Software version: HP Quality Center 10.00 / January 2009

Publication date: July 2009

This file provides information about Quality Center 10.00:

For detailed information about Quality Center, refer to the documentation set. To access the Quality Center Documentation Library from the main Quality Center window, choose Help > Documentation Library.


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What's New

For a list of new features in Quality Center 10.00, refer to the HP Quality Center What's New, available from Quality Center by clicking the Help button and choosing What's New.

Installation Instructions

For system specifications and installation instructions, refer to the HP Quality Center Installation Guide. This guide is located on the installation DVD in the Quality Center directory.

Notes and Limitations


Microsoft SQL Database

If your site uses SQL Server Eastern Collations or SQL Server Windows Authentication, we recommend that you install Quality Center 10.00 Patch 1 before deploying Quality Center in production.

Patch 1 will be available shortly after the release of Quality Center 10.00, and will address the following issues found in the connectivity layer of Quality Center when using an SQL Server database:

Windows Vista 32 Bit

To install and use a Quality Center client on Windows Vista 32 bit, consider the following installation prerequisites, installation process and other guidelines:

Installation Prerequisites:

Installation Process:

Working in Quality Center as standard (non-administrator) Vista user:

Web Server User Authentication

Project Upgrade


Site Administration

Cross Project Customization


Version Control

Releases Sub Module (Management)

Libraries Sub Module (Management)

Requirements Module

Risk-Based Quality Management

Test Resources Module

Test Lab Module

Text Search

Dashboard Module

Document Generator


Open Test Architecture/API and Workflow

Business Process Testing

The issues described below relate to working with business components, flows, and business process tests in Quality Center. For information on issues related to working with business components in QuickTest Professional or WinRunner, refer to the relevant product's readme file.

Multilingual Support

Internationalization Limitations:

Localization Limitations:


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